If your hormone related symptoms are causing you misery and frustration, and you are looking for answers, you have come to the right place….

Smart Hormone Balance Dr. Susan Riegg MDHi!  I am Dr. Susan Riegg MD, a retired MD (pathologist) with a strong interest and passion for any and all topics related to hormones and hormone balance.

My goal for this website is to help others understand what is causing their stress induced hormonal symptoms.  I share what works for hormone balancing (and what doesn’t), so that you can cut through all of the hype and hoopla…..and take steps to fix your hormone related symptoms.

In my years in clinical medicine, I saw many patients suffering from stress induced symptoms, such as insomnia, depression, adult ADD, fatigue, depression, etc.  I also observed that most conventional MD’s write off these symptoms as “normal menopause” or “typical aging process”.

As an expert in laboratory medicine, I was always perplexed at the lack of testing and treatment for hormone imbalances.  Medical practitioners are quick to address any problems with blood counts, electrolytes, blood sugar imbalances, lipid abnormalities, etc.  However, there is relative scarcity of physicians testing for hormones.

Hormone balance can be very confusing.  Are they too high?  Too low?  What is the best way to test them…..blood?  Serum? Saliva? Urine?

The truth is, conventional medicine is very, very good at addressing things like trauma, surgical excisions for cancer, acute illnesses and infections, etc.  However, when it comes to chronic conditions, such as menopause, andropause, PMS, PCOS, type 2 diabetes, etc., conventional medicine falls short.

For the past few years, I have studied hormone balance extensively from a variety of teachers and mentors (see below).  This branch of medicine is what some call “functional endocrinology”.  I have learned how chronic, unrelenting stress can have such a profound impact on major hormone systems; how to evaluate symptoms; how to perform appropriate laboratory testing; and how to design bioidentical hormone replacement strategies.

I hope to share some of what I have learned about the confusing world of reproductive, adrenal and thyroid hormones.   What I have learned is why so many people feel so old at such a young age, and what can be done about it.

How can this help you?

Well, how about getting rid of your fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, hair loss, mood swings, depression….well, you get the idea.

It turns out that there is a very easy, inexpensive, and straightforward way to test for hormone levels; this lab testing is essential to provide iron clad proof as to what the main problem is.

Once this data is available, it is then possible to design a protocol to alleviate the imbalances and help the patient feel much better.

My experiences….

Since I started medical school in 1986, my appetite for all hormone related topics has been insatiable (guess I should have been an endocrinologist, but I became a pathologist instead…)

I tested my own hormones for the first time in 2009, and found out that my hormones were so messed up….. I can almost guarantee you that I was more “out of whack” than you are right now….I had estrogen dominance, progesterone deficiency, almost no DHEA; adrenal fatigue and a greatly elevated TSH with very low free T3 and free T4 levels.  Oh, and also, a sky-high hsCRP level, indicating chronic inflammation.

I took measures to correct all of my own hormone imbalances, and it absolutely changed my life.  I feel physically and mentally better; no more insomnia; fatigue almost completely eliminated….stopped the weight gain, hot flashes, and night sweats….

What this website about hormone balance can do for you:

Now that I am retired from one-on-one patient care, I plan to share my medical and hormone knowledge on this website to help others fix their crazy hormones!

This is a relatively straightforward, step by step process which includes:

  1. Evaluating your symptoms and deciding what lab tests to obtain
  2. Obtain the necessary lab testing
  3. When results of lab tests come back, evaluate your results and write out a protocol
  4. Implement the hormone balancing protocol; if needed, use herbal and nutritional supplements in a conservative and effective manner (Herbal and nutritional supplements are never front line therapies, however are part of the solution for long term relief, and helps reduce risk for recurrence)
  5. If additional assistance is needed, find a doctor near you that can help you and write any needed prescriptions
  6. Follow up with re-evaluation in 6 months to 1 year, as needed.

Mentors and Influencers:

My mentors / teachers and my inspiration for the content this website are these brilliant authors and teachers, the top hormone experts in the world, including (but not limited to, of course):

Most of these teachers have written books on various hormone related topics, which you can explore for more information about your particular situation if you wish.

Don’t know where to start?  Does hormone talk confuse you??  Well, that is why I created the “Start Here” page!!

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Here is an older video that I made when I was in clinical practice, to explain the basics of bioidentical hormones, testing and treatment:

Keeping up with the world of hormone balance:

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P.S.  Please note that some of this website is currently under construction, and will be throughout fall and winter of 2015.  You may see the “Under Construction” message on some or many pages, depending on when you get here….but hang in there, I have a TON of great information to share with you!3.21.15 UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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